Picking a Dress / by Brian Surguine

I love this image.

Today, I photographed the Open House at the Brides Project. It was BUSY - all the volunteers were engaged with brides-to-be. Dresses were constantly being shuttled back and forth between the racks and the changing rooms.

And in the midst of the hubbub, I had the privilege to observe and photograph women assessing dresses with their mothers, sisters, and friends. Trying on wedding gowns is a social exercise in honesty, encouragement, and imagination.

In the image above, you're seeing the same bride-to-be three times: the actual bride-to-be is on the left of the image, blurred out in the foreground. A large mirror on the wall picks up the sharp reflection in the right of the image, and in the middle is a reflection of her reflection in another mirror.