How To Camera, April 25, 2015 / by Brian Surguine

How many times have you taken a picture and thought: "Man, I really wish I knew how to use this camera?"

Just about anyone has access to a camera. (Most of us carry one in our pocket: on your phone!) It's one of the products of the digital photography age: photography is convenient, with instant feedback and the freedom to take an almost unlimited number of pictures.

I'd like to invite you to How To Camera, a free workshop where you'll learn the fundamental controls of your camera - DSLR, Smartphone, or Point and Shoot - and get tips on composition, portraiture, lighting, and more. You'll also meet other people with varying interests and levels of experience, and I will be on hand to answer questions, give advice, and share knowledge from 8 years of professional photography exposure.

So register (info below), grab a camera, a notebook, and a friend - I look forward to meeting you!

How To Camera
Cost: Free!
Saturday, April 25, 2015
9 AM - 12 PM
Huron Hills Church
3150 Glazier Way, Ann Arbor MI 48105

Please register here - this helps us send updates and keep track of how many people to expect. Thank you!